1st wizards’ challenge high school teams competition At Mount Lebanon Campus

LIU Mount Lebanon Campus hosted the first of its kind inter-high school teams’ competition, where 22 teams competed over two days, in a series of four rounds, with questions in Biology, Chemistry, Physiques, Math, Economics, languages, IQ, and general knowledge.
This event took place on the 2nd and 3rd of March, dividing the competition between the French Baccalaureate teams (14 teams, for the first day) and the English Baccalaureate (8 teams, for the second day). Starting with an “against the clock” series of questions, and ending with the “buzzer”, the whole competition was computerized, so to offer the most transparent results.
The winning teams were:

1st day (French High Schools)
1st place: Besençon Baabdat
2nd. Place: Beit Mery Secondary High School
3rd Place: Jbeil Official High School
4th Place: Antelias Public High School

2nd day (English High Schools)

1st place: Burj international college
2nd Place: Achrafieh Secondary School for boys
3rd Place: Sin-el-Fil Official High School
4th Place: Adventist School - Sabtieh

Alongside the competition, Mount Lebanon Campus opened its premises for exhibitions, for an open house experience, where over 350 high school students and the competing teams, along with their schools principals, had the opportunity to be exposed to a large selection of Engineering, Business and Arts projects.
The full two-day event was aired live through the Facebook account of Mount Lebanon Campus, and a whole studio was set in the main lobby, where high school principals were invitees for an ongoing live talk show.
At the end of the event, winning teams were honored and valuable prizes were offered. The administration of LIU Mount Lebanon Campus congratulates all participating teams, wishing that this experience could help high school students in their pursuit of higher education, whilst offering them a “first-hand” real exposure to higher education.