campus speech competition - Mount Lebanon Campus

The 8th Inter-campus speech competition took place in the Amphitheatre of Mount Lebanon Campus at 10 AM on Tuesday February 5, 2019. The competition started with fourteen participants from 8 LIU campuses. The competitors were judged by a high caliber Jury panel composed of the following:

Jury Members
1. Neshan Der Haroutiounian (TV host)
2. Choukry Anis Fakhoury (Author and screen writer)
3. Mona Shahine (Senior instructor and one of the founders of ESU Lebanon)
4. Reine Salameh ( MTV)

The two winners were:
1. Hussein Ali Kdouh, Beirut Campus.
Speech Title: Earth is Calling (trained by Mr. Walid Rehan)
2. Rania Radwan Chamseddine, Bekaa Campus.
Speech title: The Voice of Nature (trained by Ms. Mirna Shoueiry and Ms. Zainab Jaroush)

Both winners will represent LIU in the annual Inter university speech competition to be held at LAU on February16.