School of Business_ Akkar: ESP 5th Workshop: Critical Thinking and Decision Makind

The fourth ESP workshop, Presentation skills, was held on Friday, December 21st 2018, at Akkar campus between 9:00 and 15:00.

The workshop was given by Ms. Serene and Ms. Rawan
The workshop started with the trainers asking the students to work in pairs and write down their own definition of critical thinking and its aspect followed by a short presentation of each group. The trainers then gave the proper definition and aspects of critical thinking. For the net activity, the students were divided into two groups (critical thinkers and non-critical thinkers) and were given a problem they had to solve. After presenting their solutions, the trainers introduced the 6 hats worn by a critical thinker (emotional, organized, creative, precautious, optimistic, and with standards). After that, a role play game saw the students use these “hats” to solve problems. Later, the trainers introduced the different steps to decision making: identifying the problem and its alternatives, choosing, implementing and assessing the chosen alternative and if the desired result is not achieved then go back to the first step.

Finally, students were asked to evaluate the experience and coaches read out loud the anonymous evaluations. ​