Free Summer Workshops in Programming

The School of Arts and Science, Department of Computer Science Department, at LIU Rayak organized three free summer workshops for high school students and instructors. The workshops are listed below:

  • Robotics using Arduino (Teachers and Students)
  • Programming using Visual C# (Students Only)

The time duration for these workshops was three weeks, during which time the instructors and students learned the following: For Robotics:

  • The basics of programming, namely programming language for Arduino.
  • The basics of electronic and electrical circuits.
  • How to use the Arduino UNO chip in detail.
  • How to use kit’s different components such as breadboard, jumpers, sensors, led, servo motors and car chassis.
  • How to program the Arduino Uno chip for an autonomous car that avoids obstacles.

For Visual C# (Students Only)

  • The basics of programming in general, namely Visual C#
  • How to use the main components of Visual C# such as buttons, forms, textboxes, control tab, control box, combo box, checkbox and menu bar.
  • How to design and program a simple Windows application, such as calculator, CV generator and Pizza order.