Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by the School of Pharmacy

October is the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The School of Pharmacy organized a full day to raise awareness about breast cancer at the International University of Beirut.
The aim of this day is to remind people to be screened for breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among women after lung cancer.

We, school of pharmacy, think every little bit of awareness and exposure will certainly help the cause.
Our day started with a poster session, where the professional communication students highlighted on the importance of screening to detect breast cancer on early stage.

The pharmacy club performed several activities during this day started by pink yoga then forming the human ribbon in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in collaboration with the marketing department.

The day was ended with a seminar entitled “Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention” delivered by Dr. Hazem Assi. Dr Assi, is an assistant Professor and Director of Hematology- Oncology Division, Department of Internal Medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. He focused on the risk factors of breast cancer, signs and symptoms, and ended with the screening methods used to find breast cancer as early as possible. At the end, Dr. Mohamad Rahal, dean of School of Pharmacy, gave Dr. Assi a trophy of appreciation for the informative and interactive lecture.