"فرق عملة" A Campaign Against Firing Guns in The Air

In the presence of representatives of the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, Nabad Association for Development, together with 14 other local associations representing the civil society in Bekaa District and in cooperation with the Lebanese International University (LIU), launched a campaign to implement Law 71 which provides for the absolute criminalization of firing arms in the air and to spread awareness about the dangers of random gun firings in the air. The campaign works on twofold: the legal aspect in terms of pressuring the officials to implement Law 71 and the second part is working on people’s awareness of the random shooting through seminars conducted in schools and universities and associations.

Statements were given during the event by the representative of the Lebanese International University, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Dr. Farid Abdullah, and the Executive Director of Nabad Development Association, Mr. Hussein Shouman, and Mr. Alaa Abi Raad, Advocacy campaign Manager of Association Nabad for Development.

Speakers emphasized on the accountability process and the difficulty in pinpointing the accountability in random shootings, especially when it is originating from a group of people gathered at a single event (ex. Wedding or funeral). The speakers called for the re-formation of cultural concepts with awareness campaigns starting from home to schools and universities.

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