The Lebanese International University can enrich your life. If you are seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth with a supportive community and working environment, then please contact us.We will together shape the minds of the young and help each and every student one by one reach his or her ambitions.

The Lebanese international university firmly emphasizes the diversity of the university internationally. We focus on our culture, strength, knowledge, students and employees to diversify our university. We welcome those who would like to contribute to the further diversification of our University.

We at LIU provide services for all students and alumni of the university. A major goal of ours is to help all students gain the information and skills needed to select a career and conduct a job search that will lead to desirable employment. The university also assists students with finding service internships with local and state social service agencies. LIU supports each individual in developing a career plan and specific strategies that will lead to his or her employment goal. LIU maintains information on internships and other pre-professional work experiences; hosts career fairs that provide information on potential employers; maintains job vacancy information from a variety of sources; arranges campus interviews with prospective employers; and maintains credential files.