Study Abroad

LIU 's International Partner Institutions

The Lebanese International University has a growing set of partnerships with quality higher education institutions around the world managed by the Office of International Relations. They offer a variety of educational opportunities ranging from student exchange to faculty collaboration and joint research.

These institutions presently are:

Kaunas University of Medicine

Kaunas University of Medicine (KMU) is the largest specialized health education institution in Lithuania-Europe. It was established in 1919, and the University maintains close international connections and has 60 international cooperation agreements with European, American and Asian universities and international organizations, which enable student, faculty and researchers to join in various collaborative programs.

As part of the Collaborative Agreement signed between LIU and Kaunas University of Medicine, a joint degree program has been established that offers LIU students or graduates the advantage of studying for a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, or Public Health at KMU where the language of instruction is English. After doing their first year at LIU, students with training either in Biology, Biochemistry, or Biomedical Sciences will be able to transfer to KMU to join the second-year class at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Graduates of Kaunas University of Medicine are eligible: to take the Lebanese Licensing Examination; to take The United States Medical Licensing Examination; and to be certified by the Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates. Graduates of KMU are equally eligible to continue postgraduate studies (PhD or residency) at Kaunas University of Medicine or in Europe.

One other option, after the Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences or Pharmacy, students will be able to transfer to KMU join the third-year at the Faculty of Medicine or the one-and-half year Master’s (MPH) program at the Faculty of Public Health.