Our Departments

Admissions and Registrar Office

The admissions and registrar’s office is where you can get help applying to LIU, registering courses (if you are stuck after trying to register on the system), and to apply for a change of major form. You will also be able to pick-up your placement exam results from here as well and get help with transferring from and to the university. You will also be able to reset your UMS and email password at this department.

LIU Registration #WeAreLIU
How to Register on UMS


IT Department

The IT department constitutes of separate entities working together as a team to develop the processes and procedures at LIU via technology. They manage and develop all technicalities from programming to communication, development, network & infrastructure, e-mails, software & hardware maintenance.

The IT Department Can Help You If:
- You are facing any difficulties at any of the university’s Computer Labs.
- You are facing problems logging into your student e-mail.
- WIFI services (Password can be picked up at front desk or IT Department).

Online Help Desk

Benefit from the online help desk found in your UMS account. Log on to your system and click online services.
Then click help.
Submit the details and wait for the reply.
You may also contact us here.

Using their e-mail

-mail and generated passwords are placed on the UMS
Students log on to their UMS
Click LIU e-mail
Click the button, click here to get your LIU e-mail
Go to gmail.com
Enter their username and password that was deduced from the UMS
You will need to change your password when you first log on.

Wirless Services

Pick up the university WIFI password from the IT department or the reception

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for keeping with well-being of students and providing them with services to support and encourage them academically.
• You can learn about the university’s private policies and rules of conduct.
• It issues and verifies authenticity of degrees and transcripts.
• The office accommodates students lodging in dorms and assures that they are comfortable in their stay. (filled by first come, first serve)
• They will provide you with the proper forms and applications, as well as clarifying procedures step-by-step.
• Responds to all inquiries issued by parents regarding the academic and financial issues of their children.
• You may apply for the following at the Student Affairs office:

Attestations: A student should fill out an attestation application form at the Student Affairs office that will be ready after 2 working days. Petitions: Student fills the petition form at the Student Affairs office; and we take care of the rest from thereon. Once an official rule has been issued concerning a petition, the concerned students will be contacted and informed that their results are ready for pick-up.
Dorm: The student who decides to reside at the LIU dorms can fill out a dorm application form.
Students’ Assistance form: Students who wish to gain experience in the professional field of university management whilst giving back to their community, can sign up to for an internship at the LIU.

Marketing Department

The marketing department takes care of the marketing activities of the university. Here you will be able to volunteer as a student volunteer to contribute to the events happening on and off campuses. You can also refer to them when you would like to upload CV on the system.

NSSF Office

Every student by law needs to have NSSF coverage while enrolled at the university. If you have NSSF coverage from work or from a parent, you will need to bring proof of NSSF coverage and a copy of your photo ID to the NSSF office at your campus. If you do not have NSSF coverage you will need to cover the NSSF fee of $135. You will then be able to benefit from the NSSF coverage by requesting your NSSF number at the NSSF office at your campus.

Accounting Office

The accounting office is where you will be able to settle your pending fees and other paper fees. Tuition fees are paid at the bank.
More details on this in this section.