LIU Eagles

LIU promotes the activeness of its students through having an athletics department at every campus. The athletics department at LIU arranges games, tournaments and trains its teams to be the best they can be while enjoying their time with other students with similar interests.

LIU has a number of teams available for both male and females at different campuses

Aikido - Male Tripoli campus.
Badminton Beirut campus.
Basketball - Male Beirut, Tripoli, Mount Lebanon , Nabatieh, Saida, Bekaa and soon to be in Rayak.
Basketball - Female Basketball for Women: Beirut, Tripoli, Mount Lebanon , Bekaa and soon in Rayak.
Chess Beirut and Saida campuses.
Cycles Beirut campus.
Handball - Male Beirut, Saida and Nabatieh campuses
Karate Beirut and Nabatieh campuses
Rugby - Male Beirut, Tripoli and the rugby league union
Soccer - Male Beirut, Tripoli, Nabatieh, Mount Lebanon , Saida, Bekaa, soon to be in both Rayak and tyre
Table Tennis - Male Tripoli, Nabatieh, Saida, Beirut and Bekaa campuses
Tennis – Male Beirut and Tripoli campuses
Thai Boxing - Male Tripoli, Beirut and soon to be in both Saida and Nabatieh
Track and field
Volleyball - Male Beirut, Tripoli, Saida, Nabatieh and soon in Mount Lebanon and Bekaa
Volleyball - Female Beirut, Tripoli and soon in Mount Lebanon
Wrestlers Beirut Campus

LIU also participates in a number of sports without teams such as, swimming, chess, billiard, kickboxing and so many more.

The sports clubs have had a winning streak for quite a while now. One example is the table tennis team which have been ranked 2nd among universities for the past 2 years now. The M.V.P. of the soccer team is Haytham Faour, of the basketball team and nationally is Mohamad Hamdar, of the table tennis team and second among all universities in Lebanon is Ahmad Harb, of Thai Boxing is Ryad Ratl and Mohamad Ghemrawi. These are just some achievements of the athletics teams we have at LIU.

If you wish to join any of the teams you should apply at the athletics department at your campus or via email from your student email to or (Mobile: +961 70 82 59 96) or by contacting the sports coordinator of each campus.

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LIU Beirut campus offers coaching and provides facilities for our LIU Eagles sports teams. Students can join the following teams: table tennis, chess, Thai boxing, mixed martial arts, basketball, futsal, volleyball and football. All our teams have a notorious reputation in the Lebanese university sports scene as they have maintained high rankings in most leagues and tournaments. (Check your campus for available seasonal sports)