Board of Trustees
  • Majdi Hammad, PhD in Political Sciences (Egypt)
  • Mohamad Al-Faek, Vice President of the National Council for Human Rights, Ex-Minister (Egypt)
  • Adnan Omran, PhD in Diplomatic Studies & International Law, Ex-General Secretary of the Arab Parliament, Ex-Minister (Syria)
  • Hassan Mourad, Bachelor in Business Management, Deputy in Lebanese Parliament (Lebanon)
  • Amrou Moussa, Bachelor in Law, Former General Secretary for the League of Arab States (Egypt)
  • Bechara Merhej, Bachelor in Economics, Ex-Minister (Lebanon)
  • Houda Abdel-Nasser, PhD in Political Science, Cairo University (Egypt)
  • Kabalan Kabalan, PhD in Law, Deputy in Lebanese Parliament (Lebanon)
  • Karam Karam, Medical Doctor, Ex-Minister (Lebanon)
  • Lakhdar Librahmi, Asst. to the General Secretary of the United Nations, Ex-Minister (Algeria)
  • Samir Abou-Nassif, PhD in Education, Executive Vice President BIU (Lebanon)
  • Youssef El-Hassan, PhD in Political Sciences, Ambassador, General Director of Emirates Diplomatic Institute (U.A.E.)

   Executive Officers

Abir Mahdi, MBA, Director of Student Affairs

Ahmad Ahdab, PhD, Administrative Director, Tripoli Campus

Ahmad Faraj, PhD, Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost)

Ali Samaili, BA, Administrative Director, Mount Lebanon Campus

Amin Hajj-Ali, PhD, Dean of School of Engineering

Anwar Kawtharani, PhD, Dean of School of Education

Ayman Dahrouj, MA, Director of Public Affairs and Communications

Bassem Hazimah, BS, Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Bassel Rihan, MBA, Director of Accounting and Finance

Gaby Khoury, PhD, Academic Director (Interim), Beirut Campus

Gaby Khoury, PhD, Academic Director, Mount Lebanon Campus

George Matta, PhD, Academic Director (Interim), Akkar Campus

George Matta, PhD, Academic Director , Tripoli Campus

Hassan Hajjhussein, PhD, Academic Director, Rayak Campus

Hassan Khachfe, PhD, Academic Director, Nabatieh Campus

Haydar Moussalem, PhD, Director of IT

Khaldoun Ayoub, Administrative Director, Akkar Campus

Khaled Mourad, PhD, Administrative Director, Saida Campus

Mohamad Rahal, PhD, Dean of School of Pharmacy

Nabil Kouatly, Head of Admissions

Noura Bou Karroum, Head of Registrations

Saleh Abdulal, PhD, Academic Director (Interim) , Tyre Campus

Saleh Abdulal, PhD, Academic Director (Interim) , Saida Campus

Tarek Harb, PhD, Dean of School of Arts & Sciences

Wael M. Ayoub Salloum, DBA, Associate Administrative Director

Wael Rabah, MBA, Administrative Director, Nabatieh Campus

Zeinab Abou Nassif, BA, Director of Human Resources