The vision of the Lebanese International University (LIU) is to be recognized as Lebanon's leading integrative transnational educator that promotes success to its students through teaching and learning excellence, focused research and enterprise for career development. LIU will strive to have continual improvement, integrity, opportunity, collaboration and joint ventures with communities, agencies, businesses and industries. LIU will align its practices and resources to provide students educational access to knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and values necessary to compete in a knowledge-based society. LIU dedicates itself to a continuous search for new and better means to provide work-integrated learning, intellectual development and enhance alumni engagement that will stimulate and empower its graduates to fosters a significant difference in the job market.


The mission of the Lebanese International University (LIU) is to provide accessible and affordable higher education in excellence and quality of first order. LIU will drive its students to be responsible citizens and life-long self-actuated learners. LIU will empower students to develop awareness and engage in cultural and environmental sustainability through maximized resources. LIU disseminates diverse learning experiences and skills in an environment that e-enable the dynamic interplay of teaching and research. LIU endeavors to align its values and commitments to student support and communication, and continually review curricula for innovative outcomes.
Since its creation in 2001, LIU has claimed, as part of its mission, the right to play a role in providing the highest possible quality higher education at the lowest possible cost in order to meet the needs of individuals, communities and enterprises both in and beyond Lebanon. The idea that learning can be a joyful experience stands at the very heart of the Lebanese International University. LIU is proud to offer new perspectives today’s students need to understand, engage with, and most importantly make a difference in the world around them. With relatively modest class sizes, and the assurance of direct access to highly talented, dedicated faculty members, our students benefit from a learning environment similar to that found at many liberal universities.

University Core Values

While our vision and mission show where we want to go, our values guide us on the way. They cut across organizational boundaries, bind us culturally, and permeate our strategic and tactical initiatives. They are the defining traits of the LIU community. University Core Values are fundamental to Academic Integrity which is essential to the success of LIU mission and provides a foundation for responsible conduct in LIU students’ lives after graduation. Therefore, promoting values is a responsibility of everyone at LIU to balance high standards with compassion and concern. Based on the aforementioned, the objectives of core values are:

Improve the integral growth of human beings.
Create attitudes and improvement towards sustainable lifestyle.
Increase awareness about, constitutional rights, national integration, community development and environment.
Create and develop awareness about the values and their significance and role.

Inclusiveness & Diversity:

Inclusion to LIU means valuing differences and encouraging a workplace and culture where all can grow well. This means individuals are supported, respected, engaged, heard, and are able to develop skills and talents in line with LIU values. For LIU, diversity means all the ways we differ and it includes everyone. It includes our visible differences such as gender, race and ethnicity and visible disabilities. But it also includes our non-visible differences such as, social class, heritage, religion, unseen disabilities, different perspectives and thought processes, education, family status and age.

Freedom and Discovery:

Professors at LIU and Researchers are expected, as are all stakeholders, to behave in an impartial manner and to not favor any particular political or religious point of view during the course of their duties. However, the Academic Freedom of faculty and students is a fundamental principle recognized by LIU. Therefore, LIU believes that researchers and teachers are fully independent and enjoy full freedom of speech in the course of their research and teaching activities, provided they respect, following university traditions and the dispositions of the code of ethics, principles of tolerance and objectivity. Discovery at LIU implies seeking and creating novel knowledge and understanding, and foster creativity and innovation, for the benefit of communities, society, and the environment.

Academic Integrity and Accountability:

Academic integrities are universally practiced through Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect and Responsibility. Therefore, LIU is committed to uphold personal accountability and depend upon action in the face of wrongdoing:

Honesty: LIU advances the pursuit for truth and knowledge by requiring intellectual and personal honesty in learning, teaching, research, and service.
Trust: LIU fosters a climate of mutual trust, encourages the free exchange of ideas, and enables all to reach their highest potential.
Fairness: LIU establishes clear standards, practices, and procedures and expects fairness in the interactions of students, faculty, and administrators.
Respect: LIU recognizes the participatory nature of the learning process and honors and encourages a wide range of opinions and ideas
Responsibility: LIU adopt a work environment where all stakeholders are fully engaged in what they do and go to extreme lengths to fulfill their responsibilities and, hence, remain connected to the mission and vision of the University.

Accessible and Affordable:

LIU is committed to equal, affordable and accessible education. Therefore, to address the changing environment, LIU continues to review how it structures tuition and employs financial aid. An affordability team comprised of Administration members consciously and continuously conduct an in depth review of current financial aid and tuition policies.

Excellence in Teaching, Research and Scholarship:

LIU foundation is based on research-teaching nexus. However, LIU has given scholarship separate yet overlapping meanings: the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, the scholarship of application, and the scholarship of teaching.

Responsibility to Learners:

LIU academic and administrative units use the most effective practices for helping students develop into autonomous and responsible learners. Addressing the whole learner in developmentally appropriate ways includes establishing positive student relationships and listening to each learner’s voice in creating productive learning climates. With this whole learner perspective, faculty members are always eager to support learners to become responsible for their own learning in the University and in life. In other words, encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, and support their development of higher-order thinking skills, e.g.: analysis, synthesis & evaluation.