Academic Policies & procedures

Registration of Courses:

The student maximum allowed number of credit hours varies between 18 and 20 hours, while the minimum is subject to program duration criteria. In some special cases, a student may register for up to a maximum of 21 credit hours under the following conditions:

If the student Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA is 2 or above

If this load will enable the student to graduate at the end of the semester as specified

In the Summer Term, the maximum number of credit hours for which the students can register is 8 hours

To register a course:

a student must have completed a prerequisite course. A Prerequisite is a course that a student must take before he/she is allowed to take another particular course.

For instance, I student cannot register in Level 2 English before completing Level 1 English. In some cases, a student will also need to register a co-requisite course(s).

A co-requisite is a course that is required to be registered simultaneously with another course. Students should consult with their advisors at their schools to learn what courses to register, to avoid delaying graduation.

Students will have the option to add and remove courses during the first couple of days of the semester. In the cases where a student chooses to completely remove a course during the add/drop period, he or she will receive a 100% refund of the tuition fees.
The student who have failed to register during the pre-registration period, and want to register during the add/drop period, will need to pay late registration fees. In all cases, registration fees are applied as soon as a student registers courses.
All students have the option to register in any of the 9 campuses of LIU. In some cases, choosing a different campus on the system will suffice to register in that campus, however, in other cases, the student will need to refer to their campus registrar. Students will not be able to register in two different campuses without having at least one hour in between courses.
Students that which to voluntarily withdraw from a course after the add/drop period and during the withdraw period can do, however, the tuition fee will be non-refundable at that moment. Student may also be academically withdrawn (AW) from a course if they continue to miss more than 33.33% of the course over the semester timeframe.

The University’s Grading System identified below along with the descriptors is adopted to identify a course status and overall status of a student.

Grade versus Quality Points

Percent(%) QPTS Percent(%) QPTS Percent(%) QPTS Percent(%) QPTS
>=90 4 82 3.2 74 2.4 66 1.6
89 3.9 81 3.1 73 2.3 65 1.5
88 3.8 80 3.0 72 2.2 64 1.4
87 3.7 79 2.9 74 2.1 63 1.3
86 3.6 78 2.8 70 2.0 62 1.2
85 3.5 77 2.7 69 1.9 61 1.1
84 3.4 76 2.6 68 1.8 60 1.0
83 3.3 75 2.5 67 1.7 <60 0
The Grade Point Average rating is stated below:

Undergraduate Graduate(Except Engineering)
GGPA Average Rating GGPA Rating Rating
3.91 - 4.00 Excellent 3.91 - 4.00 Excellent
3.28 - 3.90 Very Good 3.60 - 3.90 Very Good
2.64 - 3.27 Good 3.3 - 3.59 Good
2.0 - 2.63 Satisfactory 3.0 - 3.29 Satisfactory
Less than 2.0 Unsatisfactory Less than 3.0 Unsatisfactory
The course status abbreviation can be found below:

Course Status Letter
Academic Withdrawal AW
Incomplete I
Withdrawal W
Pass/Not-Pass at least 50 % for remedial courses P/NP