Financial Aid

   What types of financial aid programs does LIU offer?

Throughout their academic studies, students will be making many important financial decisions and careful planning is therefore quite essential. It is best to equip them with the knowledge needed in making such decisions in a wise fashion. We are here to help. Financial Aid is a privilege granted to LIU students. Assistance is available to students who have financial need and are in good standing and are making satisfactory academic progress in the university.

The Lebanese International University (LIU) offers a Financial Aid program to all prospective students applying to any of the 60 majors that LIU has. This Financial Aid relies on two important conditions: the first is the academic status of the student in both high school (especially Grade 12) and the university placement test done at LIU, whereas the second is the social status of the applicant. Last year, LIU provided a budget of more than 17 million dollars assistance to its students of different nationalities in its national and international campuses.

In addition to this general program, LIU offers a special scholarship program for high school students where we organize annual competitions for baccalaureate students and provide several full scholarships for the winners. In addition, LIU provides the distinguished students and the first place on faculties in all campuses a full scholarship as well.

   What is the response of students/parents to such programs?

The variety of the mentioned programs offered by LIU in addition to the importance of the fact that these programs are free of charge reflected an important satisfaction between students and their parents. Moreover, the option of scheduling the tuition on monthly basis payments provided the parents and the students with comfortable terms, where the student’s tuition is divided to four payments per semester and ten payments per year if he/she registered including summer semester.