Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

The tuition fees of LIU are calculated according to the number of credits. All additional education expenses such as, social security fees, registration fees, and books, will not be included within the credit price. LIU has the right to change its tuition fees and charges without notice. Students should pay his or her fees on time or will suffer a penalty. The payment voucher can be found on the UMS account in the payments.

Students can pay at the following banks: IBL, FNB, Credit Libanais, MEAB, Pin Pay Mobile Application, and Fransabank.

We provide financial aid to all our students. To apply for financial aid, please pass by your business office to fill out an application. Be ready to answer some private questions like, parents’ occupation and income, and who finances your education. The application will be processed and reviewed by a board, which will evaluate whether the applicant is eligible for financial aid or not. In the case of an acceptance, the reviewing board will set the percentage.

The School of Pharmacy has a much studied tuition plan, therefore students accepted to the School of Pharmacy are not eligible for financial aid.

The price list of the latest tuition fees is listed below per credit.

School Undergraduate Graduate
School of Business LBP 439,000 LBP 552,000
School of Engineering LBP 527,000 LBP 699,000
School of Arts & Sciences LBP 415,000 LBP 699,000
Science In Food Technology - LBP 588,000
Computer Science LBP 527,000 LBP 699,000
Information Technology LBP 527,000 -
School of Pharmacy LBP 733,000 LBP 41,405,000/year
School of Education LBP 415,000 LBP 466,000
Freshman LBP 405,000 -
The price of the university fees is listed below and is subject to change without notice. All university funds are non-refundable.

Fee Title Price
Change major LBP 125,000
Entrance Exam LBP 50,000
Graduate admission application LBP 125,000
Late tuition fee penalty LBP 50,000
Late registration penalty LBP 123,000
National Social Security Funds (NSSF) LBP 203,000
New ID 30,000 L.L.
Registration, lab, informatics, insurance LBP 377,000
Undergraduate admission application LBP 75,000
Refund Policy

When a student drops courses for justifiable reasons after final registration period, refund of tuition will be made according to the following schedule:
-During drop/add period, 100 % of the tuition is refunded.
-Tuition is not refunded after add/drop period; however, students may petition for refund.
-Registration fees are not refundable.