1. Supervise all phases of admissions and records and establish registration procedures for all credit courses.
  2. Maintain and implement records retention and retrieval policy and maintain system to safeguard all student records.
  3. Maintain student information and permanent academic records. Ensure that they are properly disseminated and safeguarded.
  4. In tandem with IT, responsible for the maintenance and implementation of computer software required for student admission, degree audits, registration and records.
  5. Maintain admissions and registrations information on webpage.
  6. Assist in preparing university calendar, catalog and other publications as needed.
  7. Prepare a student profile and enrollment reports for all campuses each semester.
  8. Supervise additions, drops, and withdrawals relating to credit courses.
  9. Oversee the evaluation of transcripts received from other universities.
  10. Certify student status for appropriate internal and external requests.
  11. Supervise student graduation activities including graduation audits, preparation of graduate lists, coordination of graduation activities, preparation of honor graduate list for recognition, final certification of graduates.
  12. Prepare University President’s List, Dean’s List, and probation and suspension list each semester. Notify students.
  13. Responsible for preparation of transcripts for transfer of student records as requested.
  14. Coordinate with Financial Aid and other offices to ensure the accuracy of records to ensure successful enrollment.