The transition from a high school where the student is being guided to a university where the student becomes totally responsible for oneself might become very emotional. Therefore, Counselling Unit at LIU is determined to assist students to overcome such as emotional transition and encounter hardships during the university years. Therefore, without any hesitation, students experiencing Test anxiety, Sleeping problems, Low self-esteem, Alcohol or drug abuse, Concentration problems, Decision making problems, Hopelessness or helplessness, Exposure to sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, Anxiety, fear, or anger that affects everyday life, Eating disorders, Suicidal thoughts, Loneliness and/or homesickness, Procrastination, Relationship issues (family, friends, romantic), Loss of a family member or loved one and Poor academic performance should seek counselling immediately. Counselling Sessions are strictly confidential and free of charge for all students. They are typically scheduled once a week and may expand over several weeks depending on the objectives identified by the counsellor.