1. Provides leadership, analysis and advice in relation to policies and procedures on services for students, including risk management.
  2. Plans, organizes, directs, and administers activities and services that support students.
  3. Develops, implements, monitors, and reviews tactical and operational plans, procedures, systems and support, addresses complaints, and conducts investigations as required.
  4. Directs the University’s participation in interuniversity athletic leagues.
  5. Analyzes and evaluates financial viability of students and provides advice regarding available financial aid opportunities, eligibility requirements, and the application process.
  6. Reviews and assesses eligibility of applications for financial aid; exercises professional judgment to determine whether adjustments should be made.
  7. Provides information to students, prospective students, and families regarding student financial aid.
  8. Submits all documents related to NSSF declarations and payments whenever requested.
  9. Submits end of service declaration for all terminated employees, medical declarations and hospital records.
  10. Organizes curative, preventive, and rehabilitative health care services.
  11. Advises the university community on health matters.
  12. Identifies individual needs using a variety of techniques including guidance interviews and psychometric assessment.
  13. Helps the students understand their skill sets and provide ways to utilize them.
  14. Advises the students on their personal problems and helps them to resolve it through discussion and collaboration.
  15. Works as a mediator between the student and the University in case of conflict.