Driven by the philosophy of democratizing higher education along with the motto “Education for All” the students should not be denied the opportunity to pursue their university education because of limited financial resources. The Student Financial Aid Package is well-known to meet the goal of the aforementioned philosophy. This is achieved by providing qualified students with financial aid without any discrimination. LIU has created several types of financial aid programs to provide to the needs of new and current students. Following the aforementioned theme LIU grants all newly enrolled students a competitive package of financial aid. However, satisfactory academic progress (SAP) is a requirement for all students receiving Financial Aid at LIU. This generally consists of maintaining, right after attempting thirty Credits, at least a cumulative grade point average GPA of 70 % and passing enough classes (67 % of attempted Credits) with progress toward a degree. However, due to its high operational cost, students in the SoPH are not eligible to Financial Aid


To maintain Financial Aid, a student should fulfill the conditions below:

  1. Demonstrate financial need
  2. Be enrolled with a minimum number of credits each semester as required by the maximum duration of program cycle
  3. Maintain a Cumulative Grade Average of 70 %.

A student is considered ineligible if the followings are taking place:

  1. Receives a scholarship from another institution, equal or exceeding 50% of tuition.
  2. Benefits from a Scholarship
  3. Registers for less than the minimum number of credits each semester as required by the maximum duration of program cycle.


  1. Students may apply for financial aid by filling out an application form, which can be obtained from the Students’ Affairs Office (SAO)
  2. Upon taking this application, the student should schedule an interview with a Financial Aid Officer (FAO), at the Students’ Affairs Office, and submit the complete form along with the appropriate documents before the official deadline. Every semester, dates and deadlines for obtaining and submitting applications will be updated and posted on the LIU website and scheduled in the academic year calendar. The application deadline is at the End of 5th week of an academic semester
  3. Financial Aid applications must be renewed for every academic year before the official deadline of submission of application by filling a ’Renewal Form,’ which can be obtained from the SAO.
  4. Financial Aid Committee will review each application carefully and give the appropriate decision.