DIGIHEALTH Project Dissemination and Training Replication by SOP

The School of Pharmacy at LIU organized a Training Replication and Dissemination Workshop for the Erasmus+ project DIGIHEALTH. The Training was attended by chairs of departments, administrators, faculty, students and refugee students from Pharmacy, Nutrition, and Biomedical Sciences.

The three interactive trainings included:

1- Problem Based Learning (PBL)
2- Gamification in Health Teaching and Learning
3- Digital Assessment Tools

This project is directed towards "innovative digital skills and teaching methods for effective health education in Lebanon and Syria". It focuses on training health educators on digital pedagogical methods and technological tools to improve teaching. The dissemination and training replication session held on Friday, October 28th, was opened by Prof. Mohammad Rahal, Dean of the school of pharmacy and project contact person at LIU. Dean Rahal emphasized on the importance of digital health in medical education and the innovative work of the school of pharmacy faculty members in this regard. Dr. Dalal Hammoudi, associate dean for assessment, highlighted the importance of acquiring digital skills for an effective health education and summarized the project timeline and achievements, then launched the training replication which was done by three faculty trainers. Dr. Hadi Dassouki, clinical lecturer, shared his experience in problem based learning. Dr. Mariam Dabbous, clinical associate professor, tackled the different aspects about gamification in learning. Dr. Jihan Safwan, assistant dean, focused on the assessment methods in medical education. The event was enriched by polls, quizzes, and a Padlet page for engagement and participation, and received positive feedback from attendees.