1. Creates and maintains memoranda of understanding for international/national cooperative degree programs.
  2. Creates and maintains memoranda of understanding with international/national universities, governmental bodies, business sector, and civil society organizations.
  3. Provides and oversees support services to admissions and support staff at all instructional sites related to the acceptance and support of international students.
  4. Oversees the review and approval of documents submitted by all prospective international students to evaluate students’ eligibility for obtaining, regaining, or maintaining legal status through matriculation at the University.
  5. Maintains information for the effective advising of all prospective study abroad participants on all aspects of study abroad; collaborates with other offices at the University on pertinent financial, academic, and logistical aspects of study abroad.
  6. Works in collaboration with schools to offer short-term study abroad opportunities as part of the established curriculum.
  7. Oversees advising, advertisement, coordination, maintenance, and supports international student-focused on-campus groups and the international student outreach program.
  8. In collaboration with the Schools: Identifies, assesses, and contacts institutions abroad with which the University is interested in creating cooperative degree programs.
  9. Creates and maintains International Relations Office policies and procedures, and international student statistics.