Participation in the first observational workshop at Genova University, Italy

Within framework of the ERASMUS+ DIGIHEALTH project, that is co-funded by the European Union, he School of Pharmacy, represented by the Dean, Prof. Mohamad Rahal, and the Chairperson of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, Dr. Dalal Hammoudi, participated in a workshop held at Genova University, Italy, on 10-13th of June, 2019. DIGIHEALTH project aims at development of digital skills and teaching methods for effective health education in Lebanon and Syria. The workshop included over 15 participants from computer engineering, pharmacy, and medicine schools in Lebanon and Syria, and was organized by the University of Genova, Department of Education Sciences (DiSFor). Participants were introduced to various established centers at the University of Genova, including the Simulation and Advanced Training Center of the School of Medicine, Interuniversity Center for Influenza Research, Advanced Biotechnology Center with neuroscience, oncology and cardiology research departments, and the Center for Production of Video Material for E-learning. Meetings were also realized with Prof. Mosad Zineldine, who represents Linnaeus University, Sweden, the grant holder for DIGIHEALTH. Participants were awarded certificates for attending the training, and the workshop was a good venue for networking, experience exchange, and preparation for upcoming steps of the DIGIHEALTH project.