Participation in first online learning module of DIGIHEALTH at BAU

As a partner in DIGIHEALTH, the School of Pharmacy participated in module 1 training workshop at Beirut Arab University, entitled: “Online learning: introduction and design”, on March 3-5, 2020. The workshop objective was to explore different methods of online learning and its incorporation into teaching practices. Workshop trainers included Alastair Creelman, E-learning specialist at Linnaeus University, Sweden, and Fawzi Baroud, UNESCO Chair in OER, Notre Dame University - Louaize, Lebanon. The workshop also involved online participation from UNIMED, Italy, through Zoom.

The School of Pharmacy participating team included the Dean, Prof. Mohamad Rahal, Dr. Dalal Hammoudi, Dr. Hadi Dassouki, and Dr. Mohamad Hendaus. Prof. Hassan Khachfe, Academic director of Nabatieh Campus and Chair of LIU Institutional Review Board joined the team. Because student participation was encouraged, Mr. Ismail Jomaa from fifth pharmacy year participated as well. Representatives from Lebanese and Syrian partner universities joined the workshop.

The workshop covered insights into blended learning, online collaborative learning, online learning tools and methods, and ABCs of online learning design with hands-on activities. It was a venue for learning new methodologies of online learning and also for interaction and networking among the partners.