1. Develops policies and procedures governing research and evaluates systems and structures for the effective interaction between faculty, graduate schools, Research Training Committee, relevant academic committees, and associated administrative supporting.
  2. Oversees research and ensures that information about funding opportunities and regulatory matters are broadly communicated across university.
  3. Maintains an overview of research professional development programs within the schools and seeks funds accordingly.
  4. Identifies research/funding opportunities and fosters research ethics, integrity, safety and compliance.
  5. Ensures effective infrastructure for the support of research and development and the dissemination of research results.
  6. In tandem with International Relation Office (IRO), establishes cooperation and ratifies Memoranda of Understandings with international research centers/organizations to secure financial support and research topics.
  7. Promotes a culture of sharing knowledge and of networking across the University.

   Graduate Studies:

  1. Leads the development of University postgraduate education policy and programs.
  2. Provides timely information to potential students, faculty and administrators concerning Graduate Schools’ programs and procedures.
  3. Takes the lead in the development of new programs of postgraduate study.
  4. Works with Deans and Chairs of undergraduate programs in the development of faculty policy on postgraduate education.
  5. Advises on postgraduate admission procedures.
  6. Helps students to access appropriate funding opportunities, in consultation with respective University stakeholders.
  7. Provides academic advice to postgraduate students referred by departments, and deals with issues involving postgraduate student progress, appeals, individual and group complaints and representations from groups of students about programs.
  8. Oversees the updating of information provided by the faculty for current and prospective postgraduate students, including the faculty entry in the Postgraduate Prospectus.
  9. Chairs the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee and the Faculty Examinations Board for postgraduate taught programs.