The University's Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Office (QAIEA) drives concurrently with obligation to the University’s mission, so as to ensure that the quality of education and research provided is under continuous review and that the standards set are appropriate and being met. Therefore, QAIEA is dedicated to set out structures, procedures, and outcomes of the evaluation processes. Furthermore, The Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Office (QAIEA) is to provide administrative and substantive leadership, guidance and support for Quality Assurance (QA) at all levels of the University, and to supporting the institutional and faculty accreditation processes and contents. Moreover, it supports the University to achieve its mission by assessing and improving administrative and academic performance, supporting various units of the University and providing excellent educational experience for students. The QAIEA Office defines, examines, maintains and disseminates official institutional data, and provides institutional information to both internal and external constituents, for the purposes of describing, documenting, and publishing institutional information and measures effectiveness. In addition, QAIEA office provides Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness workshops and encourages the use of multiple measures in assessment and curricular and program improvement. The next stages for the University involve the challenges of an overall continuous institutional review. The QA process at all levels is nonetheless continuous and requires ongoing effort to meet the University’s commitment to fully participate in quality assurance mechanisms both for its academic and administrative structures.