QAIEA’s role is to make significant contributions to developing, reviewing, monitoring, managing and implementing of quality assurance policies and procedures and associated administrative systems. Also contributing to special institutional projects and Quality Assurance related activities.

  1. Formulate strategies, policies, systems, procedures and practices for the university’s academic quality assurance and enhancement;
  2. Uphold and implement quality-related strategic developments within sustainable quality assurance and enhancement frameworks and procedures in accordance with the university vision and strategic planning;
  3. Promote the culture of academic quality within the university;
  4. Develop policies and guidelines on teaching evaluation, program review and student learning assessment;
  5. Monitor, review, audit, evaluate and continuously develop the university’s quality together with its quality assurance and enhancement strategies, frameworks and procedures at all levels of the university, for the promotion of academic excellence in learning, teaching and research;
  6. Provide administrative and substantive support for quality assurance and enhancement at all levels of the university, and to support the institutional accreditation processes and contents for external organizations and agencies;
  7. Any other duties that fall within the scope as allocated by the President.