Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (QAIEA) Office would be recognized as one of the paramount that implement quality assurance at LIU. QAIEA strives to promote the University of becoming a national, regional, and international frontrunner in quality of higher learning, visible research and community services. These serve the University’s vision of becoming a distinguished institution of higher learning and research, and promoting the development of ethical, rounded and skilled graduates who contribute towards the development of the local and global community.


The mission of the Office of Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness, and Accreditation (QAIEA) is to ensure institutional data integrity, consistency, accuracy, and to promote institutional effectiveness through ongoing, systematic planning and evaluation efforts in order to support University, Schools, Departments, Programs, Faculty and Staff in achieving the institutional mission.


The core values on which Quality Assurance, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation (QAIEA) Office is constructed upon, are progressive. The values that provide the regulatory principles of the Office include:

  1. Accountability: To take full responsibility for the implementation of quality assurance policies.
  2. Efficiency: To complete assignments in a well-timed manner.
  3. Excellence: To perform responsibly each undertaking to the greatest of our potentials and capabilities.
  4. Integrity: To incorporate professional and ethical practices in fulfilling our responsibilities.
  5. Teamwork: To work collaboratively by using each other’s strengths and talents.