1. Advises on internal and external constituency relations, public relations, marketing and communications.
  2. Directs, coordinates and integrates the strategic communications, marketing, and public relations functions of the University into a cohesive effort that conveys a consistent message in support of the University’s mission, strategic goals, and objectives.
  3. Develops and implements internal communication programs to promote transparency and awareness within the University community of important initiatives and developments.
  4. Interacts effectively with members of the media as the University spokesperson and represents the University to the press on public relations matters.
  5. Advises on public relations approach in dealing with potentially sensitive issues.
  6. Produces program brochures, material promoting special events (programs, leaflets, posters and invitations), and handbooks.
  7. Organizes and hosts special cultural, academic, and intellectual events during academic year to establish, create, and maintain a positive public image.
  8. Leads the University’s efforts to assess, monitor, manage, and respond to issues that place the University in the public eye.
  9. Manages coverage of campus events and special functions and maintains their respective archives.
  10. Supervises and coordinates the Alumni and Career Services Units