Welcome to the Freshman Program

To complete the freshman program each student must complete at least 30 credits in Freshman Arts, Freshman Sciences, or Freshman Engineering. The difference between each freshman program depends on which major the student would like to pursue after completion of freshman program.
The curriculum of the freshman program is based on the requirements of the Ministry of Education. Students who should complete the freshman program should also complete the SAT I and SAT II to receive accreditation by the ministry. When evaluating the student's SAT scores, the Admissions Office will combine the SAT I and SAT II quality points. The SAT quality points for Freshman Arts are 2150 and for Freshman Sciences and Freshman Engineering are 2300, but may be subject to change according to the Ministry of Education. If the student has completed the Lebanese baccalaureate or its equivalence, he or she cannot enroll in the freshman program. Once the student completes the freshman year, he/she gets to enroll in a specific major at the sophomore level based on his/her average or GPA.

For bachelor students:

Certified copy of the Freshman permission from the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education
Certified copy of grades 10-11-and 12
1 copy of the identification card
1 copy of family civil status record
1 recent passport sized colored photograph
Copy of SAT I and SAT II (each SAT minimum 3 subjects)
30$ non-refundable application fees
20$ for the English entrance exam
The minimum required score for the SATs for freshman arts is 2600, while the score for freshman sciences is 2750.

If you are in need of financial assistance to attend the university, pick up an "Application Form for Financial Aid" from the Public Relations Office.

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Each student should submit an online application, at www.liuserver.net, or directly in the admission office assisted by an admission staff member. The admission file should be completed with all required documents to the admission office soon after the application. The applications, along with the submitted official documents remain the sole property of LIU and will be confidential.