Responsibilities of the academic advisor

Upon acceptance every student at LIU is assigned an advisor. This advisor should be appointed by the Dean/Chair according to student’s program. The period of the academic orientation is fixed during each semester. This period is during the two weeks prior to pre-registration as spelled out in the academic calendar. However, students are always encouraged to visit the school for any advising at any time. Every student needs to know and understand his or her role in the advising process as well as the role of his or her advisor. We have outlined the following responsibilities of students and advisors.

The Academic Advisor shall:

  1. Assist students noticing the basis of admissions, as stipulated in their Letters of Acceptances.
  2. Be available throughout the academic year during office hours, and when necessary, by appointment.
  3. Support students to effectively fulfill all the requirements of their degree program.
  4. Familiarize students with the University academic rules, regulations, and policies.
  5. Explain to student clearly the Registration process; Course offerings; Course pre-requisite; Course selection; Minimum/Maximum credit load; and Degree planning.