Rafik Hariri

“ I was a graphic design student at the Lebanese International University, and I could easily say that they were the best three years of my life as academia, not only was I inspired by the diversity of my own mentors who always pushed me forward, but also being set in an environment which supported the wellbeing of the student with equal importance. After graduating, I have embarked on a journey of pursuing a creative career, and thankfully with the Grace of God and hard work, I was able to establish a solid career, working with clients worldwide on 180+ projects in UAE, UK, USA, Australia, Germany , Qatar, Kuwait, and Lebanon. Additionally, through my work as a designer/illustrator in mental health advocacy, I was recognized by Forbes Middle East in their “30 Under 30” list, as one of the most influential people in the region in their respective field. Currently, I’m working with Adobe as a brand ambassador and mentor for their Adobe Express platform which I consider a milestone in my career. Beautifully enough, I have had the honor to go back to LIU but this time as an instructor, and till this very day it feels surreal being able to now call my mentors, my friends. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, but LIU was a major pillar in why I am able to do the work I am today, because I set my first stone being encouraged as a student to do more, and have a hunger for success. ”

Nanor Jobanian

“My name is Nanor. I will introduce myself in a few sentences. In 2016, I graduated from the Lebanese International university with a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences.

In 2015, I applied for an internship at CEDIM. This was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in what I studied during my years at the university. It also helped me gain more information to further deepen my knowledge in the Biomedical Sciences field.

My studies coupled with my training at CEDIM, allowed me to become an active, time managing and successful Lab Technician. A team player who’s able to work in a fast paced environment and Lead my team to reach their full potential while getting all required tasks done. Currently, I’m the team Leader of the hematology Lab at Mount Lebanon Hospital. ”

Jinan Nabaa

“ I am Jinan Nabaa, a young independent journalist working on public interest topics in Lebanon with 3 years of experience in communication and journalism with local and regional organizations. I graduated from LIU in spring 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree of arts in communication arts-Journalism with distinction (GPA: 3.66). In my second year at LIU, I was honored to gain the university’s trust and represent it while participating in a journalistic workshop at LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts “LAPA” where I completed 2 years there and participated in more than 16 workshops in addition to interviewing 20 public figures from different backgrounds.

Early 2022, I completed a news internship at CNN arabic then I freelanced with this honorable organization as a field producer. I currently work as a Journalist/Podcast Writer and Host at Beirut Today and Content Creator/Social Media Executive at Fitness Zone. ”

Denise Francis

“ I started my university studies in 2010 where I joined LIU as a Nutrition and Dietetics student. During my bachelor degree I met several instructors who inspired me to love my major and thrive in the path I chose. During my university studies, I started to plan how my future career would look like, especially when I attended the "Food service management" course. I was amazed by the huge planning and the strong system needed to always provide the general population with safe food and high-quality end products. When I completed my bachelor degree, I started my job as food safety coordinator. I was able to build an amazing experience in this field by applying the knowledge I grabbed from my studies, and contributed to the improvement and development of the food safety management system. In parallel to my job, I decided to widen my experience and started my master degree in "Food Science and Technology" at LIU. I presented my thesis in 2018 and graduated with a distinguished degree. Now, being promoted as the food safety team leader and the food safety and quality manager, I would like to thank the Lebanese International University who empowered me with knowledge be where I am today. Forever grateful. ”

Sara Krayem

“ Sarah Krayem was a food science & technology student who graduated in 2014. Only a couple of months before her graduation, she had to undergo an internship in a food establishment to fulfill the requirement of the curriculum, and this is where her journey began in the flour milling industry. Her dedication towards work made the employer recruit her from an intern and promote her in a leadership role within a short time. Sarah believed that the university was beyond a place to only learn from books, it is a place where you learn integrity, team work, and leadership. LIU was the place where she got connected with staff, classmates, and instructors and eventually made lifelong friends and mentors. Sarah trusted LIU and pursued her post-graduation in Food Technology in Beirut campus despite of her work in Tripoli. They were long days, some hot, some humid, some cold and others were rainy, but she made it through. Soon after, she earned an advanced career opportunity where she was assigned a new role in the Sultanate of Oman for 3 years and lately moved to Saudi Arabia with a new endeavor always with the same shareholder. ”

Sahar Zabad

“ To be honest, I never thought I would end up where I am right now. When I was told to write my ‘success story’ memories started flooding from how I used to roam the alleys of LIU campus to how I spent nights researching and planning for better grades! I now know that it was definitely worth it. I can’t be thankful enough for all the doctors at LIU who made the learning experience smooth so that I earned my BS with GPA 4. Hard work pays off and I am forever grateful to LIU for providing me with the opportunity to pursue my master degree with distinction and a new publication resulted from my endless researching.

After finishing my master degree, I applied to Sapienza University of Rome which is one of the largest and oldest European universities, founded in 1303. Once again I won the competition and earned the only scholarship dedicated for foreign students. I finished my doctorate degree there where I also achieved great results and distinction.

Back to Lebanon where LIU opened its arms wide again for me, but this time as a member of its staff.

This is my humble story that once again proves “the time, the exertion, the devotion ultimately pays off. ”

Wissam Kassab

“ My name is Wissam Mohamad Kassab. I consider I achieved a path record of fruitful teaching and educational improvement. I have been in the educational field for the past 15 years. I earned my Ph.D. in Math from Polytehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. However, my studying route started at the Lebanese International University (LIU) where I got my bachelor’s degree and embarked on my academic and educational journey at the same time. I actually admired LIU’s educational system, which made me return to it as a Math instructor after being a distinguished learner. ”

For the past decade, I have taught Mathematics at different levels and for various age groups. I was able to mingle with the learners’ mindsets, abilities, capacities, and potentials regardless of the age group they belong to. I also have headed many efforts to expand the curriculum to engage my learners in different mathematical competencies. Many schools and educational institutions are following in my footsteps in creating effective and efficient Math curricula. I am now the Head of the Math Department at Harvard American Bilingual School in Kuwait. ”

Hazem Daou

“ My name is Hazem Daou and I have graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from LIU with distinction on June 2020. I had the privilege to obtain a fully funded scholarship due to my previous academic performances and was aiming for pure excellence. The 3 years spent at LIU were full of wonderful experiences from getting familiar with the field I'm passionate about to meeting incredible instructors. Ever since day one, I received guidance, mentorship and valuable advice from amazing professionals in the field.

Currently, I'm completing my Master's Degree in Biology in the American University of Beirut and have received a full scholarship as well to cover my studies. What I have been able to accomplish so far is an accumulation of all the hard work I've put in my studies and extra-curricular activities as well as the support and experience gained while being an undergraduate student at LIU.

A special thanks for Dr. Samer Sakr for being an exceptional mentor and guiding me to where I have reached today. ”