Research and Publications


Lipert A, Kozłowski R, Rasmus P, Marczak M, Timler M, Timler D, Kaniecka E, Nasser A, Ghaddar M, Ghaddar A.

Sleep Quality and Performance in Professional Athletes Fasting during the Month of Ramadan.

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H. Hajj-Hassan, K. Hamze, F. Abdel Sater, N. Kizilbash, H.M. Khachfe.

Probing the Increased Virulence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 B.1.617 (Indian Variant) From Predicted Spike Protein Structure.

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O. Dimassi, A. Hariri., R. Akiki., M. Rached., F. El Hajj.

Eriobotrya japonica (Loquat) juice production parameters and their effect on sensory attributes and phenolic content.

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O. Dimassi, M. Rizq, R. Akiki, F. El Hajj, M. Rached, I. Kaddoura.

"Generation time, D and Z -values of pseudomonas fluorescens under different temperature, water activity, and pH conditions".

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O. Dimassi, Y. Iskandarani, M. Afram, R. Akiki, M. Rached.

Production and physicochemical properties of labneh anbaris, a traditional fermented cheese like product, in Lebanon.

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A.Samaha, A. Tassi, N. Yahfoufi, M. Gebbawi, M. Rached, M. Fawaz.

Data on the relationship between caffeine addiction and stress among Lebanese medical students in Lebanon.

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N. Kizilbash, J. Alruwaili, A. Hai, H.M. Khachfe, J. Ambreen.

Water soluble carbon nanotubes increase agricultural yields.

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Ghozayel M, Ghaddar A, Farhat G, Nasreddine L, Kara J, Jomaa L

Energy drinks consumption and perceptions among University Students in Beirut, Lebanon: A mixed methods approach.

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Ghaddar, A. et al.

Prevalence and antifungal susceptibility of Candida albicans causing vaginal discharge among pregnant women in Lebanon.

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